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We are a warranty service provider for ECO MATIC salt water systems and THE POOL CLEANER


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Welcome to The Poolman Garden Center!

Who would have thought that Las Vegas is one of the best places to grow vegetables year round? We provide all the help you want and need to have a successful garden. We offer 100%, start to finish with building and liquid feeders. We sell both seeds and started veggie plants. We assist with survival gardening and are always available for support.

Fresh Pickens: 


April Broccoli:

Harvest Time:

 Cream Watermelon... about 4' long now: 

All my veggies have been started indoors and are 100% organic heirloom veggies: 

Zucchini Squash: 

Starting my veggies under the lights indoors: 

We sell liquid feeders, seeds and starter veggies: 

The dirt, rock and crushed granite dirt ground cover... Notice how rich the black compost is... This has been specially made for me and does not have any sand... Using soil is not good for growing in our climate... Specially made organic compost is all that is needed:

Agra Bonn covering to protect from freezing weather which raises the soil temperature up to 10 degrees and eliminates frost when it is below freezing: 

Miscellaneous work in progress photos: